Teaching Your Kids to “Respect Mom”

(Written by David Grey) We all want to have children that show respect. We want our children to share, we want them to use their manners, and we want them to be nice to everyone they come into contact with. Having respect his/her mom is not something that we’re born with—it’s something that needs to be taught. Because of this, it’s up to you as the parent to teach your child how to be respectful. So how exactly do you teach your child to show respect? Parents can use the following tips.

  • Leading by Example with Love and Integrity

Respect mom with Parenting Quotes | Effective Parenting

If you want your kids to show respect, you need to show respect. Make sure that you’re always courteous to the other people in your home, and make sure that you’re always courteous to people you come into contact with.

Your children watch your every move, and if they notice that you say “please” and “thank you” consistently, they’ll also start to do the same. Simply parents have to earn their respect from children.  [Read more…]

5 Fun Materials To Use When Decorating Kids’ Bathroom

decorating kids bathroom(Written by Jessica Freeman) Designing a kid’s bathroom can be both fun and personally rewarding to the parent or parents involved. The tiny humans are always looking for fun and the place where the fun happens is almost never important. Kids know how to have fun just about anywhere including the bathroom.

When designing a kid’s bathroom, using kid-friendly materials is a must. There are a multitude of fun and kid-friendly materials that a parent can use in designing a kid’s bathroom. It will be up to the individual parent to decide which materials will be best for their kid or kids.

Five fun materials to use when designing a kid’s bathroom are: sticks and stones, a mural on the wall with the kid’s favorite characters, a character themed shower curtain, touchless faucets, and a painted sink. These materials used in combination will have the kid always going into the bathroom, even if it’s just to play. This will actually make it easier for the parent to get the child to frequently brush their teeth after eating candy.

  • Sticks & Stones

The first fun material to use when designing a kid’s bathroom are sticks and stones because they provide a kid with something to play with that they’re accustomed to seeing. Kids play with sticks and stones on the playground at school and at the parks. Kids love to feel and touch just about everything. Sticks and stones can be added into the sink, tile around the bathroom, or the shower curtain could have a stick and stones design. [Read more…]

Healthy Eating Habits For Kids

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest(Written by Emily Rayhonds) Teaching your children healthy eating habits might be the most important thing you do as a parent.  However, it might be one of the biggest challenges you undertake too!

If healthy eating habits are learned early, your children will have normal, healthy relationships with food as they mature.  If nutritious foods are routinely passed up for unhealthy alternatives, your children might have a lifetime struggle with health concerns, eating disorders or weigh management issues.

Most parents acknowledge the benefits of healthy eating.  However, many falter when it comes time to actually enforce those rules.  Mealtimes become warzones and even the most determined parent loses the will to fight. [Read more…]

Helicopter Parents: An Overprotective Parenting Style

helicopter parents(Written by Mel Dawson) Some people will dislike the idea that they are over-parenting. However, some moms and dads are so protective of their kids as to deserve being called helicopter parents. Such overprotective parents try to manage every aspect of their children’s lives – from arguing with teachers about unfair treatment to demanding that their son goes to the same alma mater as they attended.

What are helicopter parents like? Basically, it boils down to hour-by-hour involvement in your child’s life. When you are not chatting, skyping, messaging, or talking over the phone with your kid, you are busy organizing their schedule – piano lessons, soccer games, graduation, and more.

Helicopter moms check their children’s grades, student emails, and account balances. Their write school assignments, go to the library for recommended reading, and even draft their kids’ emails. [Read more…]

What Determines A Child’s Personality

child's personality(Written by Heather Nosworth) Every child is born with certain traits that will help to determine his or her personality down the road. Some kids are negative, some are pleasant and flexible, and some are tough to figure out.

Understanding exactly what your child’s personality type is can help keep your life from becoming battle after battle with your child.

  • Personality Types: A Quick Guide

There are almost as many personality types floating around as there are theoretical psychologists. In the early days of personality research, Hippocrates suggested there were four basic personalities: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic.

Later, the idea of Type A and Type B personalities were developed. The idea here is that achievement-oriented individuals are typically Type A personalities while the creative types fall into the Type B category.

While much work has been done to help flesh out the differences in personality types, including the Myers-Briggs research that helps to define sixteen different personality types, the reality is that your child will probably fall into one of four different categories. One of these lists probably defines your child quite well: [Read more…]

Aspirations Of Youth Yesterday & Today – Differences Between Generation

The world has changed, no doubt about it, with the drive for technology dictating products and how many people spend their time. Children of past generations were not bombarded with the flood of information that is available today on the web and mobile devices.

differences between generation

Youth are distracted by their technological gadgets and devote their attention to staying connected with their friends, gaming, and online activities. They’re more likely to text than actually engage in a conversation. If they say they want to play, it’s most likely a video game. Whether this is the case across the globe, it definitely holds true in America. [Read more…]

How to Build Self Esteem In Children

quotes self confidence(Posted by a Guest Blogger, Ayumi Kurosawa) Your child needs plenty of things on a day-to-day basis to help them grow into the incredible person they’re going to be. They need good nutrition for their growing body, plenty of exercise for their muscles, and plenty of love and attention for for their mental health and their development of social skills. As a child, the world can be a wonderful and amazing place, but it can also be a scary one; that’s why it’s incredibly important to build good self-esteem in children from a young age.

If you’re not sure where to start, need a reminder, or even if you are just looking for some inspiration to help them develop and grow their self-esteem positively, there are a few ways you can go about it.

Here are just a few tips on how to build self esteem in your children.

  • Don’t scold or yell

“Don’t be stupid, that’s not right!” “What are you doing?! You’re going to hurt yourself.” “You’ll understand when you’re older.” [Read more…]

6 Things That Children Can Learn From Playing Golf

golf for kids(Written by Chad H.) It’s undeniable that children really love sports. It is important to let a child play so that they can use the massive amount of energy that they have and this is an opportunity for the child to learn some valuable life lessons first hand.

Lessons that a child will learn practically will make more sense for them and they are more likely to apply the lessons than the case when they have to be told about these things in a classroom or by a parent.

Golf is one of the popular sports that can help your child to learn some positive attributes and behaviors. These include:

  • Hand eye coordination

To play golf you need to have great hand eye coordination. This is because you need to see where you want the ball to go and hit it to that location. This skill can be very beneficial especially if the child would choose to pursue a career that would require you to have good hand eye coordination. [Read more…]

3 Simple Halloween Decorations To Make With Your Kids

simple halloween decorations(Written by Louise Blake) Halloween is a magical time for kids – between the costumes and facepaints there are copious amounts of sweets and great scary games to play.

One great way to get them in the Halloween spirit is to make some simple Halloween decorations to spooky up your house before the day.

  • Flying Bats

Super easy and quick to make, why not try making an entire bat cave of these creepy critters? All you need is a simple, symmetrical bat template, scissors, clear nylon thread or fishing wire and as much black card as you like.

Simply trace around your bat template onto the black card with pencil or white chalk, cut out (you may need to help little ones with scissors) and fold gently in half along the body to create a more realistic shape. [Read more…]

10 iPhone Apps That Promote Early Reading

(Written by Martina Keyhell ) Learning to read is a major milestone in a child’s life. Until the advent of tablets, smartphones and electronic reading devices, however, it was one that required books, flashcards and other learning aides. With the widespread popularity of Apple’s iPhone and the wide array of applications available in the App Store, today’s child can learn to read while using a parent’s phone, rather than books or physical flashcards. These 10 apps are among the best and brightest for helping little ones learn to read, and are all available in the vast marketplace that is the App Store.

  • Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic – This interactive, phonics-based game helps kids learn to read with the familiar characters of Bob Books and colorful animations. Using Bob Books’ app gives your child access to 12 scenes and 32 words, with four game levels of increasing difficulty kids can play as their abilities progress. Because this app is the first in a series, your kids can continue to learn with the Bob Books app family even after completing the lessons available here.
  • iLearn to Read– Developed by a teacher who’s also a parent, this app is a great choice for kids that are just learning the fundamentals of reading. Toddlers also enjoy simply pushing buttons and looking at the brightly-colored backgrounds, making iLearn to Read a great choice for kids that aren’t yet ready to read, but are on their way.

[Read more…]