Recess Is More Than Play Tim: Learn Through Play

school recess facts(Written by David Reeves) Common core standards in schools have become more rigorous over the past few years. Required tests have made the school year a busy time while teachers rush and struggle to prepare their students. Because of this recess is often getting cut out of a child’s day. Many parents and professionals are saying that the benefits from school recess range farther than just expelling pent-up energy, and that it should be required to be scheduled into their child’s day at school every day.

Unstructured free play with peers in the form of recess provides an educational experience all its own. On the playground children are able to develop their individual identity and personality traits as well as improve their self-esteem. Recess can be much more than play time and can improve not only a child’s self control but also their behavior, their concentration and their grades.

  • Concentration

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The Importance Of Play In Children’s Development

outdoor kids activitiesThere are few things in life more enchanting than watching a small child chat away to an imaginary friend, race their pedal cars around the garden or create their own magical world out of Lego.

But whilst watching children of all ages enjoy themselves is every parent’s delight, play actually serves a very important purpose in their development. And depriving children of the ability to relax and play can be a barrier to them reaching their full potential.

  • It isn’t just humans

Play is not just crucial for humans, it also plays a vital role in the animal kingdom too. Whilst you are unlikely to see a lion focussed on a Lego tower any time soon, their cubs nevertheless have their own way of playing. [Read more…]

Learning Activities Using Toy Train Tables

toy train tables(Written by Madeline Binder) Toy train tables are more than just a platform for play activities. They can also be used as an amazing learning platform. The following activities will enhance a variety of basic skills from fine motor skills to math skills.

  • Fine Motor Skill Development

Fine motor skills can be a challenge for kids to develop, especially if they have physical or mental impairments. Toy train tables provide a platform that mask fine motor skill training activities with fun. Simple activities such as picking up beads or small parts off the table’ top can greatly help to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Math Skills

A number of math skills can be developed on the surface of the toy train table. Counting activities, for example, can utilize toy trains, Lego blocks, Lincoln logs and dolls that are placed on the table to help develop basic counting skills. Shape recognition activities can also be done using a toy train table. Here you will place a variety of items on the table and ask your child to point out the circle, square or triangle. [Read more…]

Kids Playroom Ideas: Learn Through Play

Learn Through Play(Written by Heather Ilardi and Edited by Elle Yi) Through play in the classroom, children test facts and redefine human relationships. They also explore their creativity and imagination while guided by parents and teachers. In fact, children can learn through investigation, experimentation, taking initiative, making choices and interacting with other children and adults.

Parents need to realize that creativity is encouraged when kids focus not on the product, but on the process of creation. [Read more…]