Exploring NYC with Kids

Exploring NYC with Kids(Updated 2/24/16) When parents go to New York City with kids they might be worried about how to keep the children busy and entertained. The good news is NYC may be the financial capital of the world but it’s also an interesting, diverse and fun place to visit with children. It has an unbelievable number of kid-friendly museums that provide exciting and enriching experiences for all ages.

After doing some searches I came up with the top ten list below. Have fun spending time in NYC with the family!

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Top 8 Fun Family Games For The Beach

games for the beach

Referece: Burlapanddenim.com

(Written by Ben Sawyer) A day at the beach is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. When spending your day at the beach, there is much more to do than just lie and bask in the sun. These top eight fun family games for the beach get everyone in the family involved, from toddlers just learning how to walk all the way through those well into their adult years.

Games for Children

  • Fill Up the Pail

To play Fill Up the Bucket, divide kids into two teams. You will need to have two sand pails of equal size and two smaller cups, both of equal size. Position the sand pails about 20 feet from the water or a little further away for bigger kids. At the start of the game when you shout “Go!”, the first child on each team takes the small cup, fills it with water and empties it into the sand pail. The cup is passed to the next person until time is up. Which ever team has the most water in their bucket wins. [Read more…]