Parenting Book: No Biking in the House Without a Helmet

best parenting book : No Biking in the House Without a Helmet(Written by Elle Yi) For anyone who is searching for the adoption from Ethiopia, Melissa Fay Greene could possibly be a well-known name. Greene is a journalist who does not hesitate on getting closely engaged with her topics, parenting and adoption. As her kids grow, author Melissa Fay Greene makes a decision to extend parenthood by adopting five more children. In the book, Greene specifics her entire engagement through the adoption process.

Her book, ‘No Biking in the House Without a Helmet’ is enjoyable and her family members seem wonderful in reality. This is her joyful and big-hearted memoir. It reads just like a novel although the book is actually non-fiction. It can be intriguing and refreshing to have a glimpse into someone else’s day to day life and recognize that all parents in the world have challenging moments and fantastic moments simultaneously. [Read more…]

French Parenting Style: Bringing Up Bébé

French parenting styles(Written by Elle Yi) French parenting is not a known thing such as French fashion and French wine.  There were several recent articles about French parenting style exclaiming French children are far better behaved in comparison with American children.

In the center of the recent storm about French parenting is an article called “Why French Parents Are Superior” that appeared in The Wall Street Journal. This article on French parenting is quite interesting. The French parenting style indicates that it is firm on boundaries and authority, but in a way that is not overly controlling.

This momentary frenzy for French parenting is all because of Pamela Druckerman’s new book Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting, outlines what she has determined by observing the way French parents interact with their children. The book is based on her own experience raising children in Paris and her willingness to disclose details from her family life.

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