Ways To Support A Sibling In a Special Needs Family

Ways To Support A Sibling In a Special Needs Family(Written by Hilary Smith) Ah. Siblings. They are often our first playmates and first rivals. Growing up together, we develop a lifelong camaraderie. While we might not always get along or “occasionally” fight, our similar experiences and understandings can forge bonds uniting brothers and sisters through thick and thin. This sibling thing can be beautiful, but there are inevitably ups and downs encountered along the way.

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How Parents Can Learn Where To Draw The Line

parenting tips for teenagers

Source: FamilyLocator.info

(Written by Elle Yi and Pete Newman) With the technologies of the current times partnered with the advanced telecommunication systems, adding extra blanket of protection on kids through phone tracking scheme is now made possible. For detailed information on the various providers of this service, there are quite a good number of unbiased reviews of many family locators on the internet that any parents may opt to read.

Without a doubt, respecting the privacy of your kids constitutes an important part in their development and plays a major role in building a healthy child-parent relationship based on trust. However, things today are not as it used to be and dangers lurk at every corner, especially in an age when internet reigns supreme.

Parenting Tips For Teenagers: Respecting Your Child’s Privacy

Moreover, as kids grow older, it becomes harder to keep them safe especially if the relationship between the child and his parents has slowly eroded in time. But would a parent’s nurturing impulse justify meddling in all areas of his children’s lives? Hopefully, we will manage to clarify this aspect by the end of this article. [Read more…]

Make A Different Study Routine With Your Child

Study Routine for Kids(Written by Norma Brown) Study time at home is one of the activities that kids dread. They say that they’re already too tired from school or are too bored. A little motivation will give them the push that they need. Parents need to jazz up kids’ study routine so that children will always be motivated to their homework and study for an exam.

  • Environment

First of all, you must provide your child with a good learning environment that he can call his own. Let him decorate his space with family photos, souvenirs and all his favorite things. Giving him a space where he can be inspired is a good motivator.

Give your child different colored highlighters, pens, Post-its, papers and other desk gear to make studying more fun. Your child will be more creative with his homework with these tools.

Set the mood. If your child can’t concentrate in a very silent environment, play some background music. Don’t play songs that have lyrics. Instrumental songs that have an upbeat tune are good for background noise. Set the player at a low volume so your child can still concentrate. Providing a happy atmosphere will encourage him to study. [Read more…]

Preparing For The First Day At Nursery School

tips for new parents : nursery school(Written by Norma Brown) Some kids dread the first day of school. They cling to their parents and cry just so their parents won’t leave them. Some kids, on the other hand, can’t wait to let go of their parent’s hand and run inside the classroom to play with the other kids and the new toys. Don’t you just wish it was that easy? If you are preparing your child for nursery school, here are some tips to make the day special and pain-free.

  • Visit the school with your child

A few days before classes start, take your child to the school and give him a tour. Show him the playground, the classroom and the toys and books that he will be playing with once classes start. All children are naturally curious so your child is guaranteed to be too. When the first day of nursery comes, he will be excited and at ease instead of nervous and afraid of the unknown. [Read more…]

Healthy Eating Habits For Kids

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest(Written by Emily Rayhonds) Teaching your children healthy eating habits might be the most important thing you do as a parent.  However, it might be one of the biggest challenges you undertake too!

If healthy eating habits are learned early, your children will have normal, healthy relationships with food as they mature.  If nutritious foods are routinely passed up for unhealthy alternatives, your children might have a lifetime struggle with health concerns, eating disorders or weigh management issues.

Most parents acknowledge the benefits of healthy eating.  However, many falter when it comes time to actually enforce those rules.  Mealtimes become warzones and even the most determined parent loses the will to fight. [Read more…]

Christmas Activities To Do With Your Kid

Christmas Activities for Kids(Written by a Guest Blogger, Tara Blair) Christmas bonds families and there are many activities you can do with your children at this special time of the year. You need not spend much money to have a rewarding time but the joy you will all get will form many happy memories for years to come. Entertaining your child is easier than you think, and you will have the added bonus of entertaining yourself as well!

  • Decorate the tree

Make a big hype about what date you will choose to decorate your tree. Get your Christmas tree and decorations out of storage in preparation. You can make it an extra special occasion by taking a trip to the shops and choosing a few new pieces to put on your tree. Decorations don’t cost much, but the array available will have you wandering the Christmas themed shops in awe. Also check out the Christmas decoration shops that do a busy trade at this time of year. Visiting them is like being transported into a Christmas wonderland. [Read more…]