Potty Training Pandemoniem

potty trainingOne of the most talked about topics related to babies and toddlers is nappies. Full nappies, empty nappies and even the consistency of the content in the nappy. People without kids often ask you, “How do you cope with dirty nappies?”.

Well, as you know you just do, (or should I say doodoo) although it’s not so bad early on. The diet of an infant only consists of milk and changing nappies is not too confronting. Smelly poos tend to get worse at the age of 4-6 months when you start to introduce solids and purees.

Then they get to toddlers and their diet is pretty much the same as yours and if you leave a dirty nappy on the change table for a few hours it can bring tears to your eyes. Gagging for fresh air you think to yourself, “It must be time to toilet train”. [Read more…]

Best Educational Apps for Potty Training

best potty training app - Educational Apps for kids(Written by Elle Yi) Battling with your child about potty training will never help under any circumstances. Potty training is a milestone marking a little one growing up, discovering self-care abilities and independence.

Potty training is certainly an essential part of every child’s growth. Understand how reasonable expectations about potty training may help reduce the anxiety and stress of a reluctant potty trainee. Working with positive encouragement is the best potty training resource while training a stubborn toddler. Parents can just reward toddler for successfully using the potty. [Read more…]