Sugar The Bitter Truth for Your Family

(Written by Elle Yi) tips for parents sugar the bitter truthHigh fructose corn syrup(HFCS) is a significant component in impulsive behaviors for people of all ages today. The diets for many kids today include daily sodas, ketchup and fruit juices that are packed with high fructose corn syrup.

Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at UCSF, did a presentation recently discussing how the biochemical negative feedback system in human beings is out of whack (after consuming foods the system tells the brain “I am done eating and now is the time to burn more calories for energy”). Fructose tricks your body into gaining weight by deceiving your metabolism. It turns off human body’s appetite-control system.

He predominantly focused on fructose and even revealed that fructose can be a poison. However, where fructose is found in nature there exists adequate amounts of fiber. Parents need to recognize the differences between natural fructose and processed fructose.

The following information has been gleaned from a 90-minute video titled Sugar the bitter truth, by Dr Robert Lustig, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California. [Read more…]