Kids Playroom Ideas: Learn Through Play

Learn Through Play(Written by Heather Ilardi and Edited by Elle Yi) Through play in the classroom, children test facts and redefine human relationships. They also explore their creativity and imagination while guided by parents and teachers. In fact, children can learn through investigation, experimentation, taking initiative, making choices and interacting with other children and adults.

Parents need to realize that creativity is encouraged when kids focus not on the product, but on the process of creation. [Read more…]

How to Design Playroom With Sensory Edge

Designing playroom with Sensory Edge(Written by Elle Yi) How to design playroom is critical for kids’ development. Mashing hands in macaroni, dumping cereal boxes and trying to walk in adult’s shoes are what can encourage kids to develop radically different and highly crucial skills alike speaking, writing, performing math calculations and even organizing closets.

Playing is how kids learn about their world. There are many benefits to designating a separate playroom for your child. The playroom and play-based activities are where and how these essential skills develop. The way how to design playroom makes the environment, toys and activates that mom and dad design for children significant.

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