Traveling With Kids: FIve Great Apps to Keep Them Entertained

travel the world with kids


(Written by Aaron Mills) Summer is on its way, a time when lots of families pack the bags, the kids in the car and head to the airport.   It’s a time when every parent prays for patience to deal with the hassles of travel combined with the hassles and chaos of children traveling along with them.

Fortunately, the digital world has become portable.  When once upon a time a frazzled parents only option for a digital baby sitter was plopping the kid down in front of the TV and pray for a half hour of peace and quiet, today’s mobile devices offer up the hope of keeping kids entertained on the go.

Digital devices can do that and they can do that really, really well if you chose the right apps to keep the kids attention focused on the app and not when you’re going to arrive or depart or…. The following are five top apps for keeping children entertained while you’re traveling.  

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The Best Travel Apps for Parents

The Best Travel Apps for Parents Vacationing with children presents challenges unlike any other trips. It could be very helpful for parents to make sure that they have obtained the best travel apps that can simplify the journey.

Parentinginformer performed researches and handpicked what we think are the most beneficial family-friendly traveling apps. The best travel apps should be developed to assist parents maintain the sanity while travelling.

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Exploring NYC with Kids

Exploring NYC with Kids(Updated 10/21/12) When parents go to New York City with kids they might be worried about how to keep the children busy and entertained. The good news is NYC may be the financial capital of the world but it’s also an interesting, diverse and fun place to visit with children. It has an unbelievable number of kid-friendly museums that provide exciting and enriching experiences for all ages.

After doing some searches I came up with the top ten list below. Have fun spending time in NYC with the family!

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