Teaching Your Kids to “Respect Mom”

(Written by David Grey) We all want to have children that show respect. We want our children to share, we want them to use their manners, and we want them to be nice to everyone they come into contact with. Having respect his/her mom is not something that we’re born with—it’s something that needs to be taught. Because of this, it’s up to you as the parent to teach your child how to be respectful. So how exactly do you teach your child to show respect? Parents can use the following tips.

  • Leading by Example with Love and Integrity

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If you want your kids to show respect, you need to show respect. Make sure that you’re always courteous to the other people in your home, and make sure that you’re always courteous to people you come into contact with.

Your children watch your every move, and if they notice that you say “please” and “thank you” consistently, they’ll also start to do the same. Simply parents have to earn their respect from children. 

  • Communicating with them

Talking with your children about the right things to say and the appropriate way to act is also very important. Parents simply can talk with kids that if someone does something nice for them, the right thing to do is to say “thank you”. The more you can talk about being respectful, the more likely your child will be to understand.

  • Starting Step by Step

There are plenty of different ways to show respect, and if you try and teach them all to your child at the same time, you’re going to cause them to become confused and even frustrated. Instead, choose a certain thing to focus on and don’t add anything new until your child understands.

Parents can start with saying “please” and “thank you”. Then, when their children understand, they can teach them about saying “excuse me”. This way, your child has an ample amount of time to comprehend the right time and place to show respect.

  • Teaching them about their actions with Consequences 

respect your momIf you’re trying to teach your child about the difference between being nice and being mean, you can demonstrate the difference between the two. For example, tell your child that you feel happy when they’re nice to you, and it makes you feel sad when they’re mean.

Your child will be able to associate the same feelings, and it will help them understand why they should be nice instead of mean. Another good tip is to reward the good behavior through your actions. For instance, if your child wants something, only give it to them if they say “please” and ask nicely. If they whine, cry or demand for something, don’t give them what they insist with consistent consequences. They’ll soon learn that being nice has a greater benefit based on the consequences.

  • Utilizing discipline

You can always discipline your child for their bad behavior to teach them about respect. For example, when your child yells, screams or acts inappropriately, you can put them in a time out, take a toy away, end the play date early, or do whatever you need to do to discipline your child. This will help your child realize that their actions are important and that being respectful is more fun than being disrespectful.

About the author: David Grey is a pioneer in the world of child training and a freelance writer who loves to share his knowledge of parenting with others via his writing.

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