The Benefits Of Dance For Kids

The Benefits Of Dance For Kids


(Written by Sharon M.) Dancing can really benefit kids’ physical, mental and emotional levels. Dance entails a greater variety of motion, strength, endurance and coordination than most of the other bodily activities. This is achieved through movement patterns that educate coordination and kinesthetic memory. Since dancing utilizes the whole body, it is an excellent type of exercise for full body fitness as well as overall wellbeing.

Although young kids are naturally active, dance offers them a fun opportunity to gain knowledge of new movements and skills. It is generally accepted that kids can and ought to be introduced to the physical exercise from an early age. Dancing improves mood and help to boost sleep, while kids learn to relax as well as reduce stress.

The National Registry of the Dance Educators and International Association for the Dance Medicine have conducted research to teach the public on the various benefits that are associated with dance. Dance is an influential tool for developing a good number of the characteristics of a growing kid. Dance helps children mature emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively. Here is a look at the benefits of dance for you children.

Advantages of Children’s Dance Lessons: A Fun and Creative Way for Kids to Stay Fit

  • Dance is helpful in enhancing a kid’s posture, balance as well as coordination. Dancers do not slouch since they are educated how to hold themselves, stand tall, keep a flat back and remember their legs.
  • Dance helps the children’s circulatory system because it makes their hearts to pump blood quicker and flow to their brain, which encourages concentration and direct focus.
  • Dancing helps children to get improved brain activity. This physical activity helps in developing key skills, like balance, coordination, strength, stamina, discipline, flexibility and even memory.
  • Staying active through dancing helps improve the self-esteem of a kid, make them feel great about their own capabilities and this increases their self-confidence.
  • Through dance school, children are able to get out of the home, away from the television and actually moving. This teaches them to move their bodies, stay active and to use their bodies. Although childhood obesity is especially high today, dancing encourages weight control among kids and maintains them in shape.

Another benefit of dance classes to your kids is that it gives them a chance to meet other people and make new friends, which helps in improving their social life. Dance promotes interaction, social encounters and cooperation. Who attend these classes learn how to work in a group dynamic very fast.

According to Louise Benes, the Director of Louise Benes Dance Company, which is located in Richmond Hill, dance helps children to learn independence as well as feel great about themselves. If a kid can triumph over their fears by getting to the stage and performing to an audience, they could bring that attitude to their daily life.

Niall O’Leary, a teacher at Niall O’Leary Dance School in Bayside and at New York Irish Center located in Long Island City, says that dance gives kids a sense of achievement, especially when there is an appreciative audience to watch them perform. According to O’Leary, dance is an opportunity for the kids to have fun, to learn body control and to place their feet well. Every kid in an education program where they are using their body has more confidence, and when kids hold themselves well and ooze confidence, they are more likely to be successful in life.

About the author: Sharon loves all forms performance art. She considers herself very lucky as she gets to teach drama classes in Perth as her full time job.

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