The Lost Art Of The Children’s Entertainer

kids birthday parties(Written by Chris Mayhew) When I was a child, I thoroughly enjoyed going to all the birthday parties that you go to at that age and experiencing all the different types of entertainment that were on offer. These were magical times.

When you are young you are in awe with what the world has to offer and even the most simplest of things can leave you amazed and excited about what else could be around the corner. I’m talking about such things as magic shows, balloon modellers, bouncy castles and punch and Judy shows.

It is a shame that such entertainers seem to have become something of a dying breed in this day and age as children are encouraged to pursue more modern sources of entertainment. The children’s entertainers of days gone by have been superseded by technological advancements which are endangering our children’s social and educational development.

  • The 21st Century Child

If you go into any family friendly restaurant these days, you are likely to see at least one family in which the children are not fully participating in the ‘real world’. By this I mean that they have their head buried into some sort of device that enables them to submerse themselves into another dimension.

Whilst it is not for me to decide whether other people’s children should be allowed to play on these sorts of devices, I really don’t think it should be encouraged around the meal table or in other public situations.

Times like this, when the family are out together, should be used to interact with the child and to try and help them embrace the world around them and learn new things about it. Whilst it may be harmless for a child to use an electronic device such as an Ipad or smartphone, they should not be allowed excessive access to them. If this is allowed, the child could fail to develop vital social skills which could affect them later in life.

  • A Return To Days Gone By

Whilst I am not wishing to plunge us back into the dark ages and I am in favour of a lot of the technical advancements that the 21st century has given us, there are some things that maybe shouldn’t change. As I said before, I believe that the interaction between a child and the world around them is such an important thing and the experiences brought about through children’s entertainers can really help to develop this.

Obviously I am not advising that parents should hire a clown to follow them and their children around twenty four seven; because that could get really creepy, really quickly. However, maybe instead of buying your child the latest gaming platform for their 7th birthday, why not organise a fun filled day of magic, face painting and adventure. After all, kids are not kids for long and so it’s wise to make the most of this important time in their lives while you can.

Encouraging your child to stay firmly in the ‘real world’, at least until they are a little bit older, is sure to only help improve their development. You will also benefit from the bond that is created between parent and child when they come to you after their day of wonder wanting answers to how the man pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

Cherish these moments as they will soon disappear and be replaced by screams of ‘you don’t understand me’ during their teenage years.

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