The Obstacles Of Being A Single Parent

single parenting quotes(Written by Richard Finn) Marriages do not often end happily. There are some couples which, at the early stage of being together, find out that they are incompatible. Oftentimes, this results in separation or divorce where the supervision of and care for the children is granted to one primary custodian (usually the mother). While this particular scenario leads to single parenthood, the early death of one partner is also a known cause of being a single parent wherein the guardianship of the kids will be under the responsibility of the surviving spouse. Because a single parent needs to fulfill the roles of two parents in a normal household scenario, single parents are known to be tough, hard working individuals.

Though not apparent, singlehandedly caring for the children entails a lot of hardship. As a child grows, it only follows that his physiological, psychological, and emotional needs also increase. There will be times when shortcomings will happen no matter how hard you might try to manage responsibilities of both a mother and a father. You would often hear a child from a single parent household say, “I wish I have my Daddy or Mommy” which gives a feeling of guilt and failure at your end. You will face great challenges that require strength to overcome all circumstances in making your children the best that they can be even without the presence of both parents.

  • Financial Requirement: A Strain in Being a Single Parent

Raising a child involves money and it affects all parents. Even millionaires complain how expensive it is to care for and raise a child. The needs and demands of the children as they grow are indispensably increasing and you need money for their food, clothing, education, etc. Single parents need to resolve the money issue which for many is hard to dispense without a partner. The struggle for money and resources is always associated and coincidental to single parenting. Studies show that single parents have less money that may result to numerous family problems which target the children such as low educational level and poor achievement. These problems lead to the children’s isolation from society. On one hand, single parents have established measures to counter financial challenges and emerge as financially stable and successful individuals in today’s world.

  • Single Parenting Will Affect Children’s Wellbeing 

Apart from struggling to earn a better income for the family, caring for the family is one of the top priorities of single parents. Single parents juggle between family and work and oftentimes, they end up spending more hours trying to make a living and lesser time for their children. This can have an adverse consequence on the well-being of the children. A single parent home tends to have greater stress compared to two-parent homes. Both children and single parent are struggling to overcome the hassle and inconvenience of their stressful situation. Without added support to carry out the important duties and responsibilities in a home is highly challenging but the nurturing love and care of a single parent can take all the burden away and may actually be a factor for the good upbringing of the children.

  • Support Programs for Single Parent Homes

The relationship society programs are involved in helping establish a better nurturing atmosphere for the children who are from a single parent family. Counseling and resiliency mechanisms are offered to single parents and their children for adaptability and survival. Likewise, the relationship society is always ready to lend a hand to support and teach single parents on how to become effective and better heads of their homes.

About the author: Richard Finn is a psychologist who provides an active participation in relationship society whereby providing counseling and guidance to single parenting. Moreover, he has written books and formulated various programs on the foundation for a strong single parent home.

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