Throwing a Birthday Party For Your Little Girly Girl

birthday party for girls(Written by Robin Harrington) Does your daughter change outfits 6 times a day, wear tutus with everything, and walk in heels better than most runway models? Then chances are you have a girly girl on your hands. These demanding little divas can be a burden on your laundry schedule, but create magical moments and photo opportunities pretty much every day.

When it comes time to plan birthday party for girls, why not cater to their favorite playtime activities? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Favorite Color

Most girly girls have a favorite color and love everything about it, so think about building your theme around that color. If her favorite color is blue, send blue invitations, ask guests to wear blue, use blue accents with the decor and have blue themed birthday party favors. You might have a game where you distribute blue crayons and have the girls draw as many blue things as they can in five minutes. Once you get going, you might be surprised at the ideas you have. If you still can’t seem to come up with any inspiration, look at Martha Stewart online, which will surely have a ton of great party ideas.

  • Animal

If your girly girl really loves animals, then throw a safari-themed party. Ask guests to wear an animal costume or have them make animal masks as a fun party craft. Display stuffed animals around the house. A trip to a party supply or paper store should provide you with all the animal-themed decorations you need. If you can’t bake, a local grocery store or bakery will generally have animal shaped cakes or animal-themed cupcakes.

  • Fairy Tale

Has your girly girl already worn down multiple copies of a certain DVD or have a favorite fairy tale character? Throw a fairy tale party that focuses on one tale or allow each guest to dress up as his or her own favorite character. The guests can share stories about their characters and you could even read a few fairy tales aloud with the guests acting out the various parts. You can even have a Disney princess come make a special appearance!

  • Tutu

Many girly girls love to pretend they are ballerinas. Have tutus, leotards, tiaras and other frilly costume items available for all the little party guests to dress up with and have fun. Help them put together their own little ballet show complete with music and choreography. Have a spotlight and let each girl take her turn at being the center of attention. Snap a photo and everyone will have a memento of their stage debut.

  • Tea Party

Throw a proper “tea party” for your little one. Girls love to play and pretend, and all you need is a few toy tea sets or some of your own dishes, if you’re more daring. Find hats and silly dress-up costumes at garage sales or thrift stores for the girls to wear. You might have the girls help you make a simple baked good they can eat with their “tea.” Allowing them to take home their tea sets makes for a great party favor.

About the author: Robin Harrington Originally from Georgia, Robin is the epitome of a Southern Bell, cooking included. Her deep love for authentic Southern Cuisine led her to where she is today – sharing it with the world!

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