Tips For Choosing Bedroom Furniture For Kids

bedroom furniture for kids(Written by Rachael Menn) A children’s room is probably the most important room in a family’s home. It is where the baby or the young ones sleep, play and rest. The room must be kept as clean and neat as possible. It must be free from dust, germs and clutter.

The room must also be filled with toys and furniture that will satisfy the needs of the children. There is a lot of choice of children’s bedroom furniture sets that parents can buy to make their kids’ room convenient, creative and comfortable.

Some of the more important furniture is the bed and the children’s wardrobe, where favourite clothes are hung to avoid them from getting wrinkled and dirty! The bed must be made of durable and high quality materials to ensure the kids’ safety and comfort. The mattress needs to be just the right softness to protect delicate little backs.

The room must have either plenty of room for storage, such as a toy box, shelves, or chest of drawers with different compartments and drawers to accommodate the children’s clothes, socks, uniform and underwear. There must also be room to display or store a child’s collections and other valuable stuff.

  • Boy’s Room

Bedroom furniture for kids varies depending on the child’s age, gender and preference. A boy’s room could have a bed and table that comes in blue, red, green or grey. Boys may also have a theme for their room. Some of the popular themes for boys ages 3 to 9 are Ben 10, Batman, Avengers, Superman and Sponge Bob. Posters and pictures of their favorite actors, singers, wrestler and celebrities may also be posted on the walls.

A good idea is for your boy’s room to have a chest of drawers and a wardrobe that match the bed frame. A shoe rack is also a good idea for keeping shoes and slippers tidy. A boy between five to ten years old usually loves buying magazines so parents must make sure that there is a magazine rack to keep all his magazines tidy. A study table where he can do his homework and place his favourite books is also a great idea.

  • Girl’s Room

Girls’ rooms may also have a special theme. Princesses, famous actresses and singers could be the key theme. Just like boys’ rooms, a girl’s room could have a table where they can study, a magazine rack for their magazines and a comfortable couch or bean bag.

Girls will also most likely want a place, such as a dresser or shelf, where perfume, nail varnish, lotion and jewellery can live. The dresser must have a full view mirror because girls like to dress up and fix their hair, hence a dresser with a full mirror is a great idea.

It’s all too tempting to buy furniture in bright colours, but by choosing neutral colours such as white or natural wood, bright splashes of colour can be added in the form of bedding or decorations, for example rainbow striped bedding for boys, or pretty pink bedding with heart or flower design for girls.

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