5 Tried and True Tips for Mommy Bloggers

Mommy Bloggers(Written by Grace Bailey and Edited by Elle Yi) There are many ways we spend our lives online, be it on Facebook, Twitter, reading blogs, writing blogs or even scouring the web for a multitude of wonderful, delicious information bits. If you have been interested in the way blogging works and you wanted to make your own, or you already have one, then you are aware you will need to juggle that with other responsibilities.

How to be a Mommy Blogger

Mommy Bloggers certainly want to be an example of how a modern woman can successfully balance between family and blogging. These tips aim to provide you with the necessary knowledge to balance your online life with your offline life:

• Schedule your blogging time.

This will help you in keeping the balance between family responsibilities and those to your blog. You need to know exactly on which days you’ll write posts as keeping a schedule of that sort will let you figure out fine details. Where are you blogging or commenting, for how many hours? Being a mom means being responsible for a great many things at home and that means blogging has to be done when the kids don’t need you.

• Don’t put too much stress on yourself.

Social media is capable of making time go by faster than you think, as we become focused on it without feeling how much time has gone by. Give yourself time offline and remember you need time to relax, away from the computer and with you children instead.

• Keep yourself focused and know you need to unplug every so often.

It is physically impossible to stay updated about every single site you might be interested in out there and at the same time to be a successful parent. Do your best to focus on only those sites you believe bring you the best results and devote the rest of your time to your family.

• Utilize a smartphone.

A smartphone can allow you to stay in touch with all websites you’re currently following or working with, while at the same time giving you the much-needed mobility a mom needs. You can do a lot with it, not having to tie yourself down to a computer. You can easily do your home chores or taking care of your kids while using the spare moments to check the things you’re keeping up with.

• Remember that at the end of the day family is all that matters.

Family is much more significant than the statistics of your blog, the number of comments or the business itself. Nothing can replace family and nothing should. With that in mind you should pay attention to the needs of your children above the needs of your business.

Since the essence of your work can be done from home you don’t need to worry about not being there for your children. Blogging for a living may seem like an easy task to those who were not involved in that, but as we all know this can be a lifestyle filled with responsibilities. You can still be present for many important moments of your child’s life precisely because you’re not working away from home.

Every woman has to find her own personal formula how to be a good mother and a successful blogger. The most essential point is to always give precedence to your child because moments with him or her are irreplaceable and are the inspiration for all we do.

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