Tips for Parents: Myths About Head Lice

(Written by Alexandra Ashton) Head lice have been issues at schools and every parent has to deal with them when their children catch head lice. According to Vincent Iannelli, M.D., Head lice infestations are common, affecting up to 12 million kids each year. Although head lice have been around for some time, they are still a taboo subject with many parents and schools.

The world is filled with myths, even when it comes to head lice. One myth people still believe to be true is that short hair will keep head lice at bay. This is truly a myth, as head lice live close to the scalp and rarely move away from the warmth! People often believe that head lice can also jump from head to head. Realistically this is far from the truth, nits are in fact wingless, and they can’t jump or fly. Direct head to head contact is the only way nits can be spread.

If you are surprised about these ‘nit picked’ myths that seem to surround these creatures then take a look at our simple, yet informative infographic and tackle these unwanted companions in your children’s hair.

tips for parents

About the author: Alexandra Ashton is a writer who works for Neommalian Studios, an infographic design agency that believes in the power of visual information.

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