Teachers Who Have Changed Lives

tips for parents (Written by Elle Yi) Great teachers have the ability to motivate, inspire and energize students. Oprah Winfrey credits her fourth grade teacher, Ms. Mary Duncan with inspiriting her love of learning, ultimately driving her success.

It is crucial for teachers to teach lesson plans that are relevant to students’ lives, and they can make students believe that anything is possible in the world. By catering lesson plans to the learning styles of individual students, a great teacher instills students with a passion and love of a certain subject.

Tips for Parents: Great Teachers Change The Word

Being able to challenge rules with confidence is another skill that is taught by great teachers. They are able to teach lessons that show individuals that there are other possibilities and opportunities for the functioning of a government system, the rule of law or another important aspect of society.

Teachers bring life to a classroom, and they share their love of a subject with their students. Students from humble circumstances can go on to soaring success with the help of one teacher. Certainly, the impact that teachers have on a student’s education is critical. Great teacher should care about their students and go the extra miles to ensure quality education with high prospectives.

tips for parents

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