Tips To Enforce Child Safety In Your Kitchen

(Written by Grace Beckett) Children, especially toddlers, are a universally curious species. Everything that they see, they regard with overwhelming curiosity and spare no effort in ‘investigating’ the true nature of the object that might have excited the curiosity within them. It is a different matter altogether that their method of ‘investigating’ constitutes of them putting these objects of curiosity in their mouths or simply rattling or fiddling them.

You can only imagine then, what sort of magical wonderment they regard your kitchen with- full of shining objects that whirr, whistle, make noises, vials of coloured and mysterious liquids and mysterious treasures of edible delight tucked away in enigmatic larders and hampers beyond the reach of their tiny hands.

It would be prudent for you to be alarmed at the potential danger your child safety might face while he/she is doddering about in your kitchen. That doesn’t mean that you should keep them locked up in a room and stifle their natural propensity to satisfy their curiosities; rather you should take measures to ensure that your kitchen, which can become a veritable minefield of disasters waiting to happen, is ‘baby-proofed’. By doing that, you would not only ensure your child’s safety from the potential dangers in the kitchen, but also wouldn’t have to impose restrictions on him/her and impede mental growth. This article would enumerate some tips that would help in turning your kitchen into a ‘child-safe’ zone.

  • Safety From Hazardous Chemicals

A child regards colourful liquids as delicious fruit flavoured drinks; therefore there is a high probability of him/her ingesting it if left within their reach. You need to ensure that such chemicals like drain-cleaners, industrial solvents and window cleaners stay out of their reach and locked safely inside cupboards far out of their reach. In case you don’t have high hampers or cupboards to store these chemicals, ensure that the compartment containing these chemicals is securely locked at all times.

  •  Safety From Heat Related Injuries

The radiator in your kitchen, in the process of providing comfortable warmth to the room, becomes significantly heated in itself. There is a high possibility of a small child touching it accidentally or out of playful curiosity, thereby sustaining severe burns. You can prevent this kind of a mishap from occurring by simply covering the radiator with a contemporary radiator cover. A contemporary radiator cover would prevent the innocent child from coming into contact with the hot metal of the radiator, thereby protecting your child from burns.

  • Safety From Sharp Objects

Turning empty jars of laundry detergents into storage containers for sharp knives is a good idea. A child’s curiosity is generally excited by the shine in such sharp objects, and keeping them in an opaque plastic jar is a good way to hide the knives by dulling that curiosity. As an added measure you can also label the container in large clear letters as “Danger” or “sharp”.

  • Safety From Heights

Try avoiding tall pieces of furniture in your kitchen that could be used by children as ladders to reach high larders or cupboards containing cookie-jars or candies. You might also reposition those goodies to a cupboard or drawer nearer to the floor, within their reach; but at the same time keeping them locked up to check their indulgences!

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About the author: Grace is a mother of a 3 year old and loves interior decorating and cooking. She is an editor associated with

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