Top 5 Baby Names From The World of Sport

(Written by Rhian Brighton) Much like the world of pop, the world of sport and in particular football has given birth to some rather peculiar names. Whether this has something to do with the continuation of celebrity status, creating a young star out of the unforgettable named baby, or purely to give their children a name so different that it could almost be copywrited, here we have a shortlist of some of the best names from the world of sport. All of these names are of course a matter or personal preference, some may absolutely love the names that their favourite sport star has called their child, others may wonder what they were thinking but in the end it all leads up to what we consider the top five baby names from the world of sport.

1) Our first contender for the best baby name from the world of sport is of course Brooklyn Beckham, with perhaps two of the most famous parents out there; this youngster has a lot to live up to. Of course it is common knowledge that he was named after the place he was conceived, but then again he was lucky that he was conceived in a glamorous sounding town. We don’t think that his name would have the same ore if he was called London or Brighton. This style of baby naming is not at all uncommon, but is totally a matter of taste, just think of Paris as a name or Madrid. Might not be on your top list, but at least you’ll have a story to tell when your child grows up and asks why you decided to call them after a popular holiday destination.

2) Shamelessly we also had to give our number two spot to the Beckham’s as well, as they certainly know how to pick some of the most unforgettable names in the world of sport. Here we show our appreciation to Harper Seven Beckham, although we could have given it to either Romeo James, or Cruz David but we think the girl of the family deserves a special mention. Although we do not necessarily think Harper is a weird and wonderful name, we can most definitely see her becoming a world wide fashionista with it, but her middle name Seven is what we have come to explore. After David Beckham’s number in the England and Manchester United teams, it seems he couldn’t let his football career go and it will forever live on with little Harper.

3) Another football name here, and there was so many that it was very difficult to decide. Our number three spot goes to Cristiano Ronaldo Junior. Perhaps a very egotistical name, but then this is something not unfamiliar along family trees and traditions. However, we can’t help but feeling that Ronaldo named his son after him in hope of him following in his fathers footsteps and carrying on his legacy after him.

4) This next baby name is a real victory name, and one that we cannot fail to mention. Here we take note of Graeme Swann and his triumph at the Ashes, by calling his baby boy Wilfred Richard Sydney Swann, the ultimate ashes memorabilia for any cricket fan. Although he could have been more shameless and called his son simply Sydney, we quite like the middle name being named after an important event, after all middle names are there to play around with.

5) Our final baby name is actually a pair of names we quite like, and we give the number five spot to Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church for calling their children, Ruby Megan Henson and Dexter Lloyd Henson two lovely names who are not egotistical and do not represent the fame of their parents by giving them an everlasting reminder. We think other sport stars should take note.

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