Top 7 Interactive Apps to Teach Your Kids To Love Books

apps for kids(Posted by a Guest Blogger, Matthew Young) A few generations back, the only entertainment option that children had was to actually go out in the sun and play with other kids. This was definitely a good thing because they can enjoy the outdoors and be socially engaged in the community.

However, the kids these days have all the latest that technology has to offer so they would much rather stay indoors. As a parent, it’s definitely a challenge for you to help develop your child’s interest in something as basic as reading.

Fortunately, you can use products like PlayTales. If you have an iPad, another brand of tablet computer or a mobile phone with an Android software, you can download this application which allows kids to enjoy both reading and playing. Instead of having your three-year-old son addicted to tablet computer games, you can get him engaged in something like PlayTales.

When you download the app, there are three options which include:

  • Read to me
  • Read by myself
  • Autoplay

This means that even if your child is using the tablet computer alone, the options for Autoplay will allow your son or daughter to learn and have fun at the same time. As indicated in their website, PlayTales is a bookstore for children’s interactive books. New titles are uploaded on the site every week and the stories are suitable for kids aged 1 to 11. For parents, they do have the option to download the demos before buying and no matter which part of the world you are from, you can use PlayTales because the stories are available in seven different languages.

Top 7 Interactive Book Apps for Children

Whether you’re a first-time PlayTales user or if you are simply looking for new titles to add to your child’s interactive books collection, here is a list of the top seven book apps to get your kids more engaged in reading:

“A Day at the Beach” tells the story of a family of five who does just that: spend an entire day of fun at the beach. Your child can touch the screen as the family members have fun in the water, play with kits, and have a picnic. Aside from the main story itself, kids will also learn about the importance of wearing sunscreen at the beach and picking up trash properly.

No kid can resist stories involving talking animals which is what “Crazy Farm” is all about. Suited for children aged three and up, this interactive book will teach kids how different animals sound and what their work in a typical farm involves.

Perfect for daughters aged three and up, “Diana Dreams about Dinosaurs” tell the story of a little girl who falls asleep then wakes up surrounded by dinosaurs. Your kids will learn about the magic behind dreams in this fun interactive story.

The concept of “Fairy Secrets” is to let slightly older children think about where fairies come from and where they live.  It will introduce kids aged six and up to a world of enchanted fairies, caves, mountains and forests.

No childhood should ever be complete without hearing the story of Goldilocks. PlayTales introduces an HD version of this fairy tale by introducing kids to a world where they can understand the concepts of small, medium and big. This is not to mention all the fun that they’ll have upon hearing the story of Goldilocks!

“Sweet Dream Lullabies” is the perfect bedtime story when tucking your kids in. It’s a rhyming story suited for kids aged three and up, which teaches them about the mystical moon.

Finally, for a sweet way to cap things off, download the story of “The Candy Factory”. It introduces kids to a story about two characters who got swept away by a giant cloud of cotton candy!

No kid or kid-at-heart can resist the charm of these modern and classic stories, but with an interactive twist of being read in a tablet computer. So what are you waiting for? Download these interactive apps, teach your kids to fall in love with books and introduce them to the magical world of stories all at the same time.

About the author: Matthew Young is an active blogger, who likes to share advice and tips. Matthew likes to write about kids related topics .

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